Goals of the project

  • offer simple and safe personal experiment,
  • solve complicated problems,
  • reach results that seem inaccessible,
  • live a healthy, balanced and happy life.

The reader chooses the knowledge that inspire him/her to carry on his/her own experiment.

“- Each human being is a quantum physicist!”

What do you mean by experiment?
It is a new event that I discover and face, whether I expect a specific result or not. Like tasting a unknown aliment or meeting someone new for the very first time.
By doing an experiment I can change the world.

How come?
After having done an experiment, I have shifted my perception of reality.
Before the experiment (E), I was a person who knew the world as (A).
Right after the experiment, the world has become (A+E).
Enriched with the memory of this experiment, I have evolved in my perception of the world I’m living in.

Good for you… what makes us step in quantum physics?
Because from an initial unique event, I can obtain different results due to my state of mind and my awareness of the reality.
Let me give you a few examples.

I learn that my health state can improve due to the use of a new aliment, which taste is unknown to me.
I can decide to be a thankful, trustful and joyful observer. Then it is very likely that the taste of this new experiment will be nice.
On the contrary, if I go into this experiment with a bored and already-disgusted mood, very probably the result will be much less appealing.
In both cases, it is the same food.
(Have you ever found a ‘special’ taste to a food found in holidays, and to find it tasteless back home?)

In the morning after a good night sleep, I feel in harmony with the world and the foggy weather seems a warm cotton-like mystery.
And whenever I had a disturbed too-short night, I feel grumpy and this grey sky is only an icy and sad lead lid on the city.
In both cases I am looking at the same uninterrupted cloudy weather we got for more than a month.

Whenever I am self-confident and open-minded, I am able to meet new people with joy and empathy.
And whenever I am unsure of myself and judging others, new encounters might likely come with criticism and suspicion.
Any mood I’d choose for myself, they are the same people…

Does it sounds like something you have already experienced?

Yeah, well… what’s the point?
The cool part in being quantum physicists is that we can influence the result of each of our experiments.
With our thoughts and our mood we can decide what our own world is made of.
So, let’s say that I have made a new decision for my life (a few examples: I want to stop smoking, I want to make sport, I want to be successful, I want to lose some weight, I want to heal and stop being sick, I want to be happy, etc).
The next stage is to choose new experiments to do (stop smoking during 3 weeks, practice sport 12 minutes every day, change my way to eat, live a healthier life, love myself more, etc).
As quantum physicists, before even making any experiment, we have the ability to change the properties of the result!
How? By simply changing the way we look at it.

You mean… I should look at everything like if I was in a fairy wonderland?
There is no “should”: you can decide to look at the world the way you want.
The key is actually to decide consciously on which way you want to see it.

And what about this website?
This place is created to share experiments, so that anyone can use others’ knowledge in their own way.
I believe that it is much harder to solve a problem alone.
If many can bring simple solutions to solve the problems of one, it sounds to me likes a good start to heal the world.

So, this was “Easy experiments for complex problems, awareness and quantum physics”, a seemingly long and complex article… and anyway you can very well start with the easy experiments 🙂