How to cook buckwheat, quinoa and millet

  When I decided to try a gluten-free diet, my first goal was to understand how difficult it was in the everyday life of gluten-intolerant and allergic people. And when I saw the benefits that it brought to me I simply kept this habit (but this is another story... read more

Raw vegan carob sweets

It often happens that I give this recipe as the ultimate answer to “How do you manage to make sweets (for kids or not) without sugar?”. And if there are dates and carob powder around, it takes around 10 to 15 minutes for a demonstration on-the-spot! On top... read more

Dark chocolate mousse with orange fast and easy

The idea here is to gather several concepts in one single and simple recipe: eating eggs in a healthy way finding tasty and surprising orange bits in your mousse catching cherries in thick mousse succeeding cooking this dessert just like a pro! As I got fresh eggs... read more

Strawberry kefir and chia vegetarian pudding

The only reason why we speak about strawberries right now is that the whole market place smells like strawberry today 🙂 We are in the full season and half of the market is fulled with strawberries and cherries! 😛 And if you wait for a few more weeks, you’ll soon... read more

Aroshanti – The sound of focus

Aroshanti is one of the best sound support whenever I need to create an atmosphere to relax and focus. I was glad to discover his work and use it on a daily basis after I had tried many other sound backgrounds. As I started learning music when I was very young, it... read more

7 tips to avoid colds and flu

The 7 keys to prevent colds and flu Suitable diet Natural defenses Stress Management Hygiene The social side Secondary benefit Prevention of others + Baby bonus Viral infections like colds or flu particularly occur when you are nervously exhausted or when you need to... read more

How I cure my common cold with natural remedies in 5 steps

My 5 steps to cure a cold naturally: Blocked nose, Sore throat, Lack of energy, Immune system, Cure the cold faster. The first thing to know about the common cold, is that it will always heal spontaneously within a few days: it’s your body that will do the job!... read more

Buckwheat pancakes (gluten free with vegan option)

Nothing better than a traditional recipe to liven up the sunday brunch. Only that today I would like to show you an easy one with many possible options: gluten free with vegan options! (Reminder: no eggs and no honey for the vegan version) Time to cook: the batter is... read more

Meditation : beginner’s guide

Meditation brings, in a very short amount of time, peace, well-being and global view of our life. A key to happiness waiting to be picked up: you will be soon astonished by its effectiveness! Introduction What is it all about? False truths about meditation A simple... read more
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