Tips to cure the common cold with natural remedies in 5 steps

Tips to cure the common cold with natural remedies in 5 steps

My 5 steps to cure a cold naturally:

  • Blocked nose,
  • Sore throat,
  • Lack of energy,
  • Immune system,
  • Cure the cold faster.

The first thing to know about the common cold, is that it will always heal spontaneously within a few days: it’s your body that will do the job!

It is therefore not really useful to rush to the pharmacy to stock up on drugs: overeating pills may diminish the effect of the symptoms but do not cure the common cold itself, and it’s an additional chemical intake that is not always necessary.

I therefore propose to use natural remedies that are at least as effective to cure your cold in 5 easy and accessible steps!

Note that it is even more useless to go to antibiotics because we face a viral infection (they will only be useful in the case a derived bacterial infection occurs).

So in case of runny nose, cough, sore throat, fatigue, muscle pain and headache, nothing is easier than using the most accessible natural remedies to reduce the effect of symptoms, or even decrease the duration of colds.

Stuffy nose

One of the simplest ways to unblock your nose is to blow your nose! For this, use a disposable handkerchief and blow your nose if possible both nostrils at the same time (to avoid blocking one while trying to blow the other). If your nose is too congested, first try steam technologies (below), or spray some physiological saline or salt water (half a teaspoon of sea salt in a glass of water).

Another very simple technique to unblock your nose is to use steam from the shower. It is not necessary to spend hours there, but after a few minutes we already feel that the nose begins to empty. This is the extra-effect of a good and relaxing hot shower.

The most effective technique that works for me, and that also helps fight the infection, is to use an inhalation with essential oils.

For this I mix a few drops of eucalyptus oil, lavender oil and thyme oil in a bowl of hot water and breathe the steam for 5 to 10 minutes. Repeat this process 2 or 3 times a day. Even if you do not have all these oils available at home, a few drops of eucalyptus (or mint or pine-tree) in hot water will help clearing your nose.

To complete this process you can also slip into your pillowcase a handkerchief on which you have put a few drops of essential oil of eucalyptus, pine or lavender.

Other tips

Avoid dry atmospheres, consider humidify the air in your home, especially in the bedroom. Avoid cigarette smoke or smoke-filled areas.

Sore throat

Whether for a cough or a sore throat, I always use thyme infusions with honey. Indeed thyme is both a powerful sedative and antiseptic that is commonly used to treat respiratory infections.

(Antiseptic does not mean it kills the skeptics, it means that it is a substance that fights bacteria, fungi and viruses)

In many cases of sore throat, natural remedies such as honey, lemon or apple cider vinegar taken at different times of the day are more effective in alleviating the symptoms and cure the illness than over-the-counter remedies found in pharmacies/drugstores.

More about honey

Just like anything containing sugar, honey makes you produce saliva when you are eating it. Your saliva then lubricates your throat and thus relieves your pain. It’s the same principle as for any sweetened product except that in the case of honey you are able to know the origin of it (without added sugar), and you will have more satisfaction from eating something healthy.

My technique for herbal tea with honey: with a teaspoon I put a little bit of honey on my tongue and spread it on my palate to let it melt slowly. Then I swallow a few sips of tea and I start again. I avoid mixing honey with hot beverages to better use its properties and taste.

Lack of energy

When we catch a cold we usually end up with a numb head and we feel exhausted. There is a very simple technique to get a boost of energy for the day: a targeted exercise. When this kind of affection puts me down, I use 2 techniques:

If I have time I do a qi gong session during 40 to 60 minutes. I this case my goal is to get aware of the weakened parts of my body and bring attention and thankfulness for healing quickly.

If I have few time I do a short workout in order to put out some sweat: push-ups, squats, planks, jumps, running on a spot, etc, everything I can think about. It lasts 10 minutes tops and this is enough to grant me with more energy for the day (even if I don’t have any cold actually).

Immune system

When someone feels the first symptoms of a cold, I advise to boost his/her immune system with the following treatment: every 2 or 3 hours, squeeze a whole lemon, pour the juice into a glass of water and add a big tablespoon of honey. Stir it, stir it, stir it. Once the honey is well diluted in the lemon juice, drink it all. It’ll give you a feeling of energy, together with a decrease in the intensity of the symptoms. This feeling fades after a couple of hours: then it’s time for a new dose!

This is even more effective if you are eating very light during this period and it gives you an opportunity to reduce the cold by a few days. Therefore prefer salads, fresh fruits and soups out of seasonal vegetables.

I also recommend to bring a special attention to the amount of water (still or with herbal tea) drank during the day: at least 2 liters a day. This intake of water through the day helps your body to get rid of toxins and reduces a lot the chances of headache!

Generally, in order to give your immune system the opportunity to fight the virus more efficiently, try to get out and breathe fresh air, walk or exercise and eat light. Also try to leave stress and stressful situations aside.

Herbal tea made of echinacea also helps relieve colds as this plant has the property of stimulating the immune system. If you do not have it in tea, you can drink a few drops in water to strengthen your immune system and relieve mucous membranes.

Avoid alcoholic beverages which, contrary to popular belief, do not help at all the healing process. Alcohol dehydrates you and prevents you from having a restful sleep – even if it gives you the feeling to fall asleep more easily.

Faster healing

The most radical solution to reduce the time of the affection is to take care of it as soon as possible.

For this purpose do not hesitate to boost your immune system with fresh fruits, fresh fruit juices and lots of vitamin C, green vegetables and fresh ginger.

You can also use onion and garlic for their antiseptic and decongestant properties. Eat them in soup or baked with vegetables and olive oil: it allows you to benefit from those products as naturally as possible.

A zinc intake also helps in speeding up the healing process. Therefore you can choose to eat oats, germinated wheat, seafood, sesame and pumpkin seeds, cocoa, peanuts … A simple trick is to add whole sesame seeds to your daily cooking.

Long Hair

A little tip for the hairiest of you. In the duration of the infection during which you blow your nose, sneeze and cough a lot, remember to keep your hair tied back.

This prevents you to “spread” the virus in your hair and keep it for you later, or for your friends, or for your boy/girl-friends.

Here were a few healthy basics to fight the cold in a natural way, for you and your family, until summer comes!