About the website CorpoSano


One of my passions is to learn – and share – always more about natural techniques for living a healthy life and healing. I learn every day!

I have created CorpoSano so I can share with you simple tools that permit to build a healthier life.

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You are free to pick and test what works best for you depending on your needs.

Here you will find reflection and practical bases to regain control of your health, your life and your well-being.

I will also deliver a step-by-step method to implement these principles in your daily habits (because theory is great, but practice is the best!)

Warning: in any case the content of this website does not replace the diagnosis of a doctor or a session with an experienced therapist. Even if you decide to take charge of your own health, it is very useful (and clever) to ask a professional the name of the condition that creates your symptoms in order to find out what you are with.


A healthy life

We all have our own problems. Yet we all seek the same thing: finding the path that leads to happiness and full health, a “normal life”, happy and harmonious.

The difficulty is that each person needs to find his/her own way, his/her own method to get there.

So we need to find a different solution for each individual, for me, for you, taken separately, and to put each of us on this path for the rest of our lives: this is what I call long-lasting, sustainable harmony.

Knowledge and Well-being

I create this blog to share this experience with you, to live it with other people and to help those for whom my discoveries will be a concrete example and a motivation, or simply to come in useful to you as support and inspiration.

My articles are focused on one goal: share simple experiments, applicable right now for concrete results. The general idea may come from theories that are ancient, vast or complex, in order to create healthy habits based on the simplest concepts.

“I want you to hop in. I want you to test this stuff out, even challenge it. I want you to find out for yourself that what I promise is not only possible but instantly accessible to you personally. And I want you to know that everything I propose is easy to do. It involves no new skills at all.”

– David Allen – Getting things done


You are interested in this website if

  • you start to be interested in the elements making up a healthier life,
  • you are looking forward to solving some problems in your life once and for all,
  • you would like to help people in your family, friends, patients,
  • you feel lost in front of the huge volume of information that exists,
  • you do not know where to start,
  • you are looking for concrete techniques that will help you in your everyday life.


You will find in particular

  • recipes for a healthy nutritional approach,
  • practical tips that, quite often, I have tested by myself,
  • advice that will help you solve your own problems in a simple way,
  • knowledge that is useful in everyday life to take the path to a happy life.


No advertisement

As I want to avoid displaying advertisement, the links I give to certain products (books, etc) are affiliated: the purchase price remains the same for you and I get around 5% commission when you click on these links.

This system allows me to offer you free content and a website without ads!

I do my best to create articles and pages that are actually useful to you, so I will not recommend a product only to hope for a small additional commission: these are chosen products and services that, according to me, are serious and high-quality.